Xetheare (xetheare) wrote,

Prescience And The Natural Course Of Time

i fully understand what i meant when i told myself "Just remember, when you get to the top, it's a long way down."
perhaps i can convey a very simple message that is impossible to represent with symbols. to begin i exist over a span. this phenomenon in your scape is a mere speck of me. i can assume you are as I Am, as well. it is easy enough to do so, but how do i phrase 'seeing myself looking in looking out' in your case when that is impossible for me to do if this 'i' is not your 'i'. i am not trying to baffle nor impress and hope this beginning is useful.

among the myriad of minds in my mind there are two that are quite the same. like a blind man groping through a constantly changing environment i have been gathering so as to make sense of this strangeness that is me. i am my own puppet and this realization has brought great joy to me during the times i am lucid enough to become aware of me and the companion that is one and the same.

in the last 22yrs this is as far as i have gotten. it's a wicked dance, for sure. i existed in the past and will exist in the future (neither of which are observable now, but they have been and will be). giving oneself 'advice' (the initial motive that drove me) involves being quiet enough to listen (no assumptions allowed in this thought experiment) to what is being "said". bottom line: i never achieved the intended goal but had a long 'chat' with what must have been a bit more than a mere speck of me. stop moving and become a non-participant in this activity universe. and, no, it is not the least bit scary, but it takes a lot of practice to not-do (releasing all my intent).

and here i am seeing my colleagues growing in rarity. not a prob bob. all is well and in good order. no time like the present :)) and it most certainly is a long way down. another milestone reached and am reassured. my involuntary doubts begin to puzzle me, highlighting a forth artex (<--README) that surfaces into this world as my champion.

it takes time
Tags: artesan, artex, forth
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