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The Listenor

8/22/08 03:25 am - Sigh

Looking at flowers
Eases my mind
I am relaxed

8/21/08 11:02 pm - Crysis

I just installed Crysis
One badass game
Going to get a better video card next week
So I can enjoy the game to its fullest
My Radeon 300 barely gives me 20fps at 800x480
With everything set to low

8/19/08 06:36 am - Daaaaaaaaaaamn

I just checked the rain gage again. We got another three and a half inches last night and it's steadily rising. That's almost seven inches in twenty-four hours. Some places have gotten as much as nineteen inches in one day.
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8/19/08 05:52 am - When It Rains It Pours

Yesterday we got three inches and it's still raining, today.

I can honestly say the drought is over.

8/19/08 05:51 am - Earth canon

We could make a version of a gause cannon with the elasticity of the ribbon holding the space elevator. We're going to have to deal with harmonics anyway.

I got the idea while playing with one of those stretchy, plastic octopuses with the head filled with water and glitter.

The momentum of the launch vehicle is cycled back into the system drawing the ribbon tight for the next launch. Several launch stations can be placed at intervals along the ribbon increasing the frequency of launches.

A ribbon that long might stretch a couple hundred miles over all.

8/14/08 01:32 am - Earth canon

We could make a version of a Gauss cannon with the elasticity of the ribbon holding the space elevator. We're going to have to deal with harmonics anyway.

I got the idea while playing with one of those stretchy, plastic octopuses with the head filled with water and glitter.

The momentum of the launch vehicle is cycled back into the system drawing the ribbon tight for the next launch. Several launch stations can be placed at intervals along the ribbon increasing the frequency of launches.

A ribbon that long might stretch a couple hundred miles over all.

8/14/08 01:07 am - Another Rant (sober)

I look forward to the mechanical gods
I will breathe within a breath of vast understanding

No Mr. Freud
There are no children within
Only one mind of an infinite soul..

What if WE are the ancient ones
And this is the ancient time
Of our birth into the bottomless pond
In a burst of Dandelion flare?

No Mr. Sagan
More like spiders on a drag line
But I liked your enthusiasm

8/13/08 08:44 pm - Funny As Hell

8/13/08 07:19 am - Math

All I could say was wow when I saw this on a video.

1 = 1

I just wonder if there is a proof for this relationship.

8/12/08 11:25 pm - If You Have Time

1. name:
2. birthday:
3. place of residence:
4. what makes you happy:
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:
6. do you read my lj:
7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it:
8. an interesting fact about you:
9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. favourite place to be:
11. favourite lyric/quote:
12. best time of the year:
13: a recent picture of yourself:

1. a film:
2. a book:
3. a song:
4. a comic book:
5. a short story:
6. a TV program:

1. one thing you like about me:
2. two things you like about yourself:
3. put this in your LJ so I can tell you what I think of you.

8/3/08 01:32 pm - Tempted

I am tempted to use a sponsored account, but that would grind my ethics engine to a halt for further inspection.

8/3/08 12:40 pm - I am No Longer Going Crazy

I have been here for quite some time now.

8/2/08 05:19 pm - Good Tea

Four or five green tea bags in a 2 liter/quart pitcher filled half-way with water no hotter than you can stand on your hands.
Wait about three minutes and remove the bags.
Add three drops of vanilla extract a sprig of mint and about a tablespoon of lime juice
Stir in about 1/4 cup clover honey
Be sure to remove the mint leaf
Fill the remainder of the pitcher with ice, stir and serve

7/31/08 08:36 am


7/31/08 07:35 am - Goddamnit!

False fart
Two miles from home
On a bicycle
I am in no mood!

7/31/08 06:12 am - Yay, It's Raining

Well, sort of.

7/30/08 11:33 am - Adopted

Miranda and Brittany.
They were born twins.
Sorry to say this.
Every boyfriend is due for weekly inspection.
Now I have four daughters.

7/30/08 09:15 am - His Latest Drunken Rant

Everyone is full of shit.
This is all an illusion.
Damn good one; I'll give you that.
But to what have I to compare.
My dreams?
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7/28/08 09:57 pm - She Tickled My Heart

Haven't felt this in a long time.

7/28/08 12:32 pm - I Shake My Head

The world has changed channels

7/25/08 04:02 pm - E Lec Tricity

Last year at this time my electric bill was $290. My bill for last month is $174. Replace your filament bulbs with fluorescent bulbs.

When these bulbs wear out I'm getting LED bulbs. They're $60 apiece but they are twice as efficient as fluorescents and last 10 times longer. Understand that with the efficiency comes less heat and that means the AC doesn't work as hard.

Also, I'm getting a propane tank for a gas stove I.. commandeered. We'll see what cooking outside does for my electric bill. Maybe I can get it closer to $100.

7/25/08 01:56 pm - Texas

A buddy of mine has a pool of crude oil bubbling up in his front yard. No bullshit.

But, it's illegal to pour it on the ground. shrug
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7/25/08 01:09 pm - Stop Calling Me Genius

I'm just full of useless knowledge. That's all. Genies improve the world. I've done little else but sap the world for all it's worth. I bring very little to the table. I wish I could be more of an asset, but there simply is no truth in calling me a genius.

This week alone I've been called genius by three separate people. I like what one guy (Steve) said after I denied the talent. He said, "You just haven't learned how to use it, yet." Okay, what am I supposed to do with "it" once I learn how to use it? I can't change the nature of mankind. This is a cruel world and there's nothing I can do about it. Only evil can destroy evil. If I play a part in it I become my enemy. The best thing I can do is keep my mouth shut.

I won't deny that I am above average intellectually -hell, I don't even use a spell checker- but genius I am NOT.

7/23/08 11:42 pm - Internet Down

As my internet is down I am finding new ways to explore myself.
Spent the last half hour playing with a male black widow.
He's so cute.

(From last night)

7/22/08 12:07 pm - Spam

This is the second time I have received spam containing this quote:

The Anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40's, of Muslim descent, who will deceive nations with persuasive language, and have a massive christ-like appeal....the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, he will destroy everything.

What The FUCK! Well, I searched through all the prophecies from what is referred to as the Bible and I couldn't find anything about someone of a certain age group. I did not find, nor was it possible to find any reference to Muslims, because AHEM! there were no Muslims when it was written. I couldn't find anything that even hinted at what kind of religion this anti-christ is supposed to be. For that matter I really couldn't find anything that tells of an "antichrist". Go to bible.com and search for it. You won't find it anywhere, in any translation. It's all made up.

Christians make up so much shit. For instance, I hear all the time about how god destroyed the Earth by water the first time and next time it will be with fire. The text actually says that he promised not to destroy the earth again, PERIOD. There is no reference to a future destruction nor how it would be done. The earth is supposed to be made new again some day, but not destroyed.

That bullshit is how they justified burning people alive. A christian once told me that it says in "the word" that we are to "not suffer a witch to live". Nope, couldn't find that one either.

I just wish my family would stop sending me every piece of junk mail they get that says "pass this on".

7/19/08 05:28 pm - Hanging Incense

This instruction is for a regular, bamboo incense stick with one end bare about 5 or 6 centimeters.

Take any string, cord or chain that hangs freely. ceiling fans work great, but know that the ashes are going to be falling. I set the fan on low to help circulate the aroma.

Take the string (cord etc) between finger and thumb, palm facing away, thumb on the far side, like you're showing the 'OK' sign with your elbow up, level with your shoulder. Twist the string by turning your palm down and toward you (elbow comes down).
You should have a little loop with the the end of the string crossing over on the near side.
Now, place the end of the incense stick behind the string, directly above the loop, pull it slightly forward and place it about 3 or 4 centimeters into the loop -going in from the side facing you. You might want to light it first.

Once you get the hang of it the stick will drop into the ashes below (I use a brass plate to catch them), but be careful using this technique outside, especially if the weather has been very dry.

This is an exercise in giving verbal directions. Please, tell me how I did.

7/18/08 05:13 pm - I Don't Get This

Authorities in Waco arrested a woman for endangering a child when she brought a newborn to a hospital with the umbilical cord still attached. She said she paid another woman $1000 for the baby.


If anything she should get a hero's welcome. I'd be willing to bet good money that the real mom was a crackhead. Without a doubt she rescued the child. She probably made a big fuss when they said they were taking the baby from her, but still, shouldn't there be some understanding here?

7/15/08 10:35 pm - We Are Going To Spread Like Insects

7/10/08 01:47 am - Does It Look Like..

I haven't checked my email nor my journal in five days.
I don't care.
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7/9/08 03:39 pm - Crash

My prided 3.3Ghz plateau has crumbled.
Processing on backup; some 1.6Ghz and a mere gig of mem.
One USB.
It's actually a better machine considering the slower transfer rates.
Built for gaming seven years ago; it was top-of-the-line.
Thing is..
I'm limited to less than 10 gigs until I can resurrect my 100 gig bitch drive.

7/8/08 12:47 pm - LOL

When did they start putting 'Refrigerate After Opening' on jars of mustard? Are they kidding?
Probably just trying to avoid a lawsuit, but mustard is made of vinegar, salt and mustard seeds, which are very good preservatives.


6/24/08 02:07 pm - First Time For Everything

I got the opportunity to suffer from heat stroke, today.
I don't recommend it.
Working down at the lake. 36 degrees and 100% humidity.
If I didn't know any better I would have thought I had drank too much beer.
And I was pretty close to not knowing any better.
I felt delirious and heard strange noises.
My head spun; I flopped on the ground. I shook it off and tried to stand only to land on my butt again.
Now, it feels just like a hang over: nausea and a headache as I restore my electrolytes.

6/23/08 11:02 pm - Quanta

You know how you can pluck a string and tap it right in the middle and make the two halves of the string pivot off of that point? That is the best explanation I have for what particles are. That point. The big difference, though, is that the string doesn't have two ends or any end for that matter. Heh.

6/23/08 11:02 am - Talk To The Finger

I don't care if they are trying to give me a million dollars. The moment I can tell it's a machine calling I'm hanging up.
Stop calling here. You're wasting your time.

6/23/08 04:34 am - Carlin

One of the greatest comedians who ever lived has left the theatre.
We love you George.

6/20/08 04:30 am - Fuck You In the Neck, Microsoft

Don't you just love it when your in the middle of an on-line game and Windows decides it's time to reboot..

6/19/08 05:48 am - Woohoo

We are finally going to get some rain. It's about four or five hours away and the radar shows red and yellow covering more than three counties, so it's sure to hit us before it winds down.

6/18/08 12:12 am - Small

Steep is the mountain which We climb.

6/15/08 02:32 pm - Goddamnit

I fended off one 22-year-old chic a year ago. Now, I have two.. one is 18 and the other is about 24. Horny women will fucking kill you in a small town.

6/15/08 10:44 am - Yellow Ledbetter

I just sang so hard tears came to my eyes.
I haven't sung in well over a year.

6/15/08 02:24 am - Burj Dubai

Earth's largest penis.

6/14/08 11:45 pm - Here We are

Caught in the middle between two extremes.
gNot-Faced with multiple dimensions of infinity times zero, the zeros add up to a whole LOT of nothing. The fabric. The abyss.
Ghin-The tangible material or the actual. The Is that is because Wasn't (gNot) wasn't.
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6/13/08 10:44 pm - 555

I was fifteen when I knew I had seen this woman before, many aeons ago, maybe not even on this planet.
How old are we?

6/13/08 08:26 pm - Oxystupid

What's with all the oxymorons? I heard a McDonald's commercial, "Let's hear it for non-conformity." WTF!?
Boycott McDonald's for being stupid.

6/13/08 06:46 pm - Beating Of A Distant Drum

Oh! if you could only understand the magnitude of this drum..


Punch in September 15th 2008 and look at the inner four planets, then November 10th of 2010 and look at them all. Again on May 16th 2011. Yea, there's no sunspots right now for a reason.

Understanding that Carl Sagan was a dreamer more than a scientist: He said, "The obstetrician in the delivery room has more of a gravitational pull on the baby being born than all the other planets combined." Put the pipe down, Carl; the obstetrician doesn't even exist at the scale of size and time that the planets exist. It's a gentle tide but take a look at the shepherding satellites around the gas giants.

Of course, to shed a little light on what's happening watch this.
It also helps to understand Trojan Orbits; specifically why they align as points of a perfect triangle.

6/13/08 06:08 pm - Heaven Or Hell

In my next life I'm going here.

6/13/08 03:37 pm - Theory

Must I remind people, constantly that the only "failed" experiment is one which the data was not properly gathered.
An experiment is not a failure simply because it doesn't turn out as expected. That is why it is an EXPERIMENT. We are learning what to expect; not the other way around.

6/13/08 02:14 pm - I Am About To Lose It

IRS sent me a letter saying I only paid $300 (nice round figure) in 2005.
I remember every week looking at that phat $40+ they took from me.
Let's see.. I worked for nine months that year paying $40+ a week.. that's at least $1440. Funny how close that number is to the amount they say I owe: $1411
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6/12/08 04:23 pm - Genesis

In the beginning,
The Universe was without form.
Then, God said, "Here goes gNothing."

6/12/08 01:09 am

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
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